TWO young girls have been praised for their mature handling of a difficult situation as they comforted a 21-year-old suffering a panic attack outside of Reminisce Festival in Sherdley Park.

After waiting in the “horrendous” queues throughout the day, Morgan Inman, 21, told the Star how she began to suffer an anxiety attack around 8pm on Saturday, September 11, and was sick by a tree inside the festival.

Although she told a friend not to worry about her, she began to panic as she couldn’t find her way out of the festival, with four different staff members directing her to the wrong exit point.

Morgan, from Stockbridge Village in Knowsley, said: “At this point I started panicking and couldn’t breathe. I found two medics and they gave me water and made sure I got out of the exit [a] man had [previously] refused.

“I got out of the festival, and I was by myself in hysterics, and cross[ing] the road I couldn’t even ring anyone as the signal was terrible.”

St Helens Star: Morgan said the young girls were "amazing" with their helpMorgan said the young girls were "amazing" with their help

As Morgan was alone and visibly upset outside the festival, two 12-year-old girls, Darcy Burns and Aimee Hewitt, stopped her to see if she was okay.

The girls then stayed with Morgan and calmed her down as she was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks.

They walked her to the nearest train station and waited with her, talking to Morgan about their friendship and arguments they had been having.

Morgan said: “These young girls were amazing, they were talking to me to try [and] calm me down, telling me stories about their friendship.

“Honestly, if it wasn’t for those girls, I don’t know how my panic attack would have went as there were other people around but no one came over to see if I was okay.

“I’d just like to say their parents must be so proud because I’ve never ever came across two people as kind and caring as them!”

St Helens Star: Reminisce Festival took place at Sherdley Park on Saturday, September 11Reminisce Festival took place at Sherdley Park on Saturday, September 11

Taking to social media to thank the two girls, Morgan’s post was soon full of praise for the two girls who helped her in her time of need.

Reading the comments, Aimee’s mum Melissa said she is “absolutely beaming with pride”, while Darcy’s mum Claire said the girls are both “gorgeous souls”.

Speaking to the Star, Darcy, who goes to St Cuthberts High in Sutton, said: “We were just walking near the festival having a nosey when Morgan walked past.

“We asked if she was okay as she was crying and shaking a lot. We then walked her to the nearest train station and waited with her for 15 minutes.

“She said she suffered with bad anxiety, so we just wanted to make sure she was okay.”

Morgan explained how her Mum comforted her as soon as she got home, and sat and listened to her story.

She said she doesn’t think she will go to another festival again, yet if she does it won’t be at Reminisce.