LEIGH Centurions are tricky opponents for St Helens tonight, Thursday, no matter their bottom position in the Super League table.

Saints head coach Kristian Woolf said he is not sure if they are more or less dangerous as a result of them winning their first game of the season against Salford Red Devils on Sunday.

While the determination to end their drought is now gone, the taste for winning is on the rise.

Finally getting a win could have released a pressure valve too.

"I watched the Leigh game at the weekend and what I saw was a team playing to win and one that’s willing to chance their hand a bit as well," said Woolf.

“We’re prepared for them to play at the same level as they did at the weekend.

"They played really well, Salford are a tough side to beat, so they obviously did a really good job in getting their first win.

“I think it does give them some confidence. Winning becomes a habit, the more you do it the more it becomes a habit, so too can losing. They’ve broken that trend now and you would expect them to come in with a bit of confidence.

"It’s up to us to really worry about our own performance. I was really happy with what we did at the weekend. I thought we approached the game terrifically . I thought we had a really good intensity about us right from the start and were willing to maintain that for 80 minutes as well. It was a far cry from what we were the week before when we weren’t quite at our best.

“The challenge for us at the moment as we come into semi-finals and finals, we need to be at a level every week, we need to be at a standard every week, and the challenge for us is to start doing that now.”

Going from taking on your fiercest rivals in a thunderous derby in front of 16,000 fans one week to hosting Super League's bottom club in a much lower-profile affair a week later can play games with the mind.

But Woolf is clear on what is required from his men.

“Our fans have every right to expect us to be at a certain level every week," he said.

“Something we’ve done really well over a number of years is play at a consistent level.

“That’s obviously what we’re aiming to do as well.

“Last week was a big game that you don’t have to talk up, you don’t have to try and get the players focused on what the game’s going to be because everyone’s aware of what type of game it’s going to be and what the atmosphere is going to be like.

“Obviously this week it’s going to be a little bit different from that point of view and that’s a real challenge for us.

"It’s something that we’ve done really well in the past and when we talk about 'being us' and 'who we want to be as a group' then it’s something we have to overcome as well.”

He spoke more about the attacking threat that Leigh possess in their ranks.

“There’s a lot of ball movement, play one, play two. They certainly move the ball well and move the ball a lot," he said.

“That’s the sign of a team that’s willing to chance their hand and is playing with a bit of confidence as well.

“They’re things that we’re certainly going to have to counter.

“The number nine Liam Hood is a very class player. The number 7 (Joe Mellor) is a class and busy sort of half back who controlled the game really well for them last week.

“I think their number 13 James Bell is a really good player. He’s got a terrific skill set and he’s a good tough competitor as well.

"They’ve got enough class that they can certainly hurt you and we need to make sure we’re on our game.”

Mark Percival (rested), Tommy Makinson and James Bentley (both suspended) will miss the contest.