Coronavirus experts have revealed the five most common Covid symptoms reported among Brits over the past 30 days.

Professor Tim Spector, from King's College London is the Principal Investigator of the PREDICT studies and the ZOE Covid Symptom Study app.

He has previously warned Brits that they need to be aware of additional symptoms not listed by the NHS.

People log their daily symptoms on the app to help scientists gain a better understanding of the virus.

Five most common Covid symptoms this month

The ZOE Symptom Study App found most of those who caught the virus recently have suffered from five common symptoms.

The five most common Covid symptoms listed this month are:

  • A runny nose
  • A headache
  • A loss of smell
  • Sneezing
  • A sore throat

Professor Tim Spector has advised people across the UK to keep these symptoms in mind and to keep your distance from people if you are displaying the symptoms.

He said: "Cases are likely to remain high for the next few weeks or even possibly months.

"This means your risk of infection is high.

“Even if you've been double vaccinated it's really important you watch out for any new symptoms because we can see the longer it goes from your time of vaccination the less effective these vaccines are."

Covid warning to older age groups

Prof Spector warned Covid vaccines may be losing their effectiveness over time as infection rates in older age groups who received their jab some time ago a seeing a slight rise in infection.

"It looks like the younger ages are dropping slightly and the older ages seem to be increasing slightly,” he said.

“The older ages generally are the fully vaccinated groups.

"While vaccines aren't working as well as we hoped in terms of stopping infections that are working in stopping severe infections and hospitalisations.