HEAPS of rubbish including smashed bottles were left around Carr Mill Dam on Thursday evening, causing a danger to the public.

The state was found by local resident Ruth Clayton and her husband, at around 7:30 am on Friday morning.

The couple walk around the Dam on most mornings and have seen more people around the beauty spot due to the recent hot heather - yet said this was "the worst we've seen it".

Ruth said: "These days it just seems people don't care about dropping or leaving litter.

"I was brought up to not drop litter and it's annoying to have such a lovely spot blighted by litter - even more so when it's actually private land that the owners allow people to use."

Posting her pictures on social media, Ruth stated "there's really no excuse for leaving Carr Mill Dam in this state".

St Helens Star:

This incident has occurred during Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Awareness week - an increased collaborative effort between police and community partners to tackle ASB across St Helens.

ASB has been on the rise in the area in recent months, and the hot weather has seen numerous incidents of littering in public spaces as well as swimming in unsafe waters.

Rubbish and broken glass left uncleared can be a huge eyesore for local residents, as well as a health hazard - causing unpleasant smells, attracting pests, and generally creating a dangerous environment for children, pets and wildlife.

Due to the continued littering at the Dam, Ruth explained that the angling club bailiff now has to spend a lot of time clearing up after others.

Merseyside Police advise residents not to remove heaps of rubbish they find in case they include sharp or dangerous items.

You can contact your local council to remove such rubbish, and report it to the police if it seems to be a continuous problem.