TWO women who chased after a robber who had struck at a travel agents have spoken of their experience.

Friends Phoebe Halliwell, 28, and Laura Rogers, 30, said they acted on "instinct" after they saw a man being chased in St Helens town centre by another and were told he had just committed a robbery.

The robbery had happened at Hays Travel on Church Street, St Helens at about 3.15pm on the afternoon of Friday, June 11 during which cash was taken.

Police were called to Church Street and, thanks to the assistance of three members of the public, including Phoebe and Laura, found and arrested the suspect.

Gary Gilboy, of Salisbury Avenue, Netherton, was later charged with robbery.

St Helens Star:

Gary Gilboy

Gilboy, 60, was jailed for five years and four months at Liverpool Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to the robbery.

Phoebe and Laura came across the site of a man being chased on Hardshaw Street.

"We were walking down and we saw a guy running towards us and his cap fell off," said Laura, from Haydock.

"I shouted to him and he he carried on running and there was an elderly guy shouting towards us going' stop him, he's robbed the money' or something along those lines."

The two friends then joined the pursuit which ended up in the Hardshaw Centre.

St Helens Star:

Laura was among those who chased after Gilboy

"It was just instinct really and I followed in one direction and Phoebe went in another direction. He went through the Hardshaw Centre and Phoebe went one way and I followed him through the other and there was another guy running.

"When we got to where the taxis are me and this guy caught up with the suspect and we were just saying 'drop the bag'. He was out of breath and we were saying 'you might as well give up now'.

"He wouldn't drop the bag and by that point a few others came and the police came and that was it."

St Helens Star:

Phoebe Halliwell

Phoebe, from Clock Face, added: "It was just the adrenaline and acting subconsciously. I was more worried he could have hurt someone running through that building.

"The police took him away straight away.

"I felt really privileged that I had done something like that because I've gone through hard times in the past and suffered with depression and anxiety."