A BOYS' football team has completed their biggest challenge to date – climbing Wales’ highest mountain.

Twelve members of Earlestown Under 10s Celtics walked the Llanberis path up Mount Snowdon last weekend in a bid to raise money for their club.

The youngsters, who play every Saturday morning at The Hive, hiked the 14.5km path on Sunday, June 27 and were joined by team coach Matthew Dierden and assistant Mike Hickey.

Coach Matthew Dierden said: “They are a great bunch of lads – all aged nine or 10.

“Unfortunately, the club has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and we’re trying to raise money to reward the boys for all their hard work throughout the season.

“They need new training kits, jackets and equipment and we’d like to hold a fun day on July 1 as a treat because they deserve it.

“All the fundraising helps the club massively and every single player is willing to do what they can to support each other.”

St Helens Star: Team huddle: The lads show their togetherness

He added: “They found it hard and tiring but never gave up.

“They we’re all determined to finish and managed to reach the summit.

“The team did such a good job of cheering each other on throughout the day.

“I’m so proud of them and it was great to see such fantastic team spirit.”

St Helens Star: Earlestown under 10s at the summit

The players are hoping to raise enough money to buy team tracksuits as well as trophies and medals for their annual presentation day and have so far collected £510.

To make a donation visit the team’s fundraising Facebook page here