THE motorway police in our region must feel like they have heard it all when it comes to poor excuses for bad driving.

And over the weekend was no exception after officers pulled over a motorist for tailgating at speed.

The vehicle in front was spotted driving at 69/70mph leaving little room.

A NW Motorway Police spokesman added: "When stopped the driver stated that he has good reflexes so doesn't need as much room as others."

The motorist had only been driving since December and was issued a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) for driving without due care and attention.

It wasn't the only time officers had to deal with terrible excuses for bad driving.

This driver was spotted sat in lane two at 50mph causing a 'nightmare' for wagons getting by as officers approached in Thelwall.

St Helens Star:

While this driver couldn't see why it was a problem staying in lane two on the M6 North.

The NW Motorway Police spokesman added: "A flash of our lights moved him to lane one until we'd passed him, he went back into lane two.

"Unfortunately he didn't quite get why it's a problem sitting in the middle lane at 55mph. TOR issued."

St Helens Star:

And finally on the M56, officers had to attend a car that had parked on the hard shoulder of the airport spur.

Their excuse was that they were waiting to collect relatives from Manchester Airport.

St Helens Star: