THE inspiring bravery of two sisters who have been through challenging times over the past couple of years has been commended.

Mum Joanne Nye has been amazed by the courage and resilience shown by her daughters Megan, 12, and Gracie, four.

Megan's dad Ian Glanister died in a motorbike crash in March 2019, while little half-sister Gracie, was diagnosed with type one diabetes.

Joanne has been busy tweeting TV duo Ant and Dec each day over the past month to give the girls some recognition after all they have been through.

Megans dad Ian Glanister, who died in 2019

Megan's dad Ian Glanister, who died in 2019

Joanne, 33, said: "I was washing up and thinking about the girls as I often do.

"Even though they're happy girls and well looked after and they get a good life, I feel, as they're young and I have a voice, I can maybe do something just to get some kind of recognition for them.

"Obviously with Megan, she lost her dad and we went through a hard time with her after that.

"Her personality changed a lot. I struggled to understand how Megan was feeling, and to lose her dad in such sad circumstances.

"But she managed to turn that around over the space of two years. It was rough but she eventually opened up.

"When she started at Hope Academy I was in contact with the school with regards to megan speaking to the school chaplain Kasia and things started to get better after that.

"She has busied herself raising awareness of type one diabetes, which her sister Gracie has, and won a competition with a competition with the help of the school chaplain. She did it off her own back."

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Joanne, from Newton-le-Willows, added: "With respects to Gracie, she's a type one diabetic. So many families suffer with what I call an insidious disease.

"Gracie's got her meter and it beeps to say her blood is low and straight away she is to mum or dad. Her attitude towards having diabetes is just fantastic.

"I just wanted to get some recognition for the girls and how brave and wonderful they both are and to raise awareness over bereavement and type one diabetes. Even though they've suffered with their individual things, they're just brilliant."