A GRAN-OF-THREE who almost died of Covid-19 Pneumonia has raised £1,000 for Whiston Hospital's ICU unit, whose fast actions and care saved her life.

Anne Chisnall, from Sutton, started having trouble breathing on January 31, and by February 9 she was struggling that badly that she was rushed into hospital where her oxygen levels were at a dangerously low level.

The 62-year-old remembers nothing after entering the ambulance - until she woke up four weeks later thanks to the hard work of medical professionals.

But her family lived through the harrowing ordeal of being told she had pneumonia brought on by coronavirus.

Her daughter Nicola Gunning, said: "At first they thought it was a chest infection - a bad one but that's what they thought - but by the weekend they said mum took a bad turn.

"Mum's breathing tube had leaked and that they had to fully sedate mum. Things started getting worse as the days went by, mums doctor called and explained that mum had severe Covid Pneumonia, and the amount of oxygen my mum was needing was a great cause for concern.

"This news was heart breaking to hear but we were keeping positive.

"A week later and mum was still sedated and paralysed, and the oxygen mum needed off the vent was going up and down.

"They have started proning my mum (laying her on her belly) this is for 16/17 hours per day and the doctor said if for any reason mum stopped responding to being on her tummy, then there was nothing more they could do for her.

"This was devastating news, and I was a complete wreck.

"After doing OK they gave mum a tracheotomy and after then she came on leaps and bounds, in fact when she woke up she said she had hallucinated that she was in the Caribbean the whole time while she was sedated, she had no idea that she had nearly died of Covid-19 Pneumonia.

"She was in there for seven weeks and the staff there saved her life, no doubt about it."

Anne, who worked as a cleaner before taking ill, added: "I just wanted to do something to thank all the staff there, honestly everyone from the doctors to physio and the nurses were amazing and even though they get praise I don't think its enough for all they do.

"We raised £1,000 and handed it over the other day but I'd love to give them more.

"Too many people don't take this seriously enough, but I followed all the rules and still got it, please take things seriously and thank god we have amazing staff at Whiston Hospital."

To donate go to justgiving.com/crowdfunding/nicola-gunning