A BUSINESSMAN decided his workforce needed a well-earned rest after working during the Covid-19 pandemic and paid for his staff and their families to enjoy the May bank holiday weekend in the Lake District.

Richard Aylett, who owns Balloon World on Winchester Road in Haydock, treated his employees to an all expenses paid wellness weekend at The Beech Hill Spa Hotel in Bowness.

Richard said: “The mental welfare of any company’s colleagues, not just Balloon World, is of paramount importance to the running of a successful business.

“Obviously, it has been a tough year mentally for everyone and I was aware that lockdown was having an effect on my team so I decided that a little R and R (rest and recuperation) was in order.”

Hoping that his team would find the weekend relaxing, Richard also invited former rugby league players Danny and Paul Sculthorpe to join them as after dinner speakers.

Danny, who specialises in speaking about wellness, shared his own stories about his struggles on and off the rugby pitch with brother Paul speaking the following evening about team work and team building.

Sales director Jason Knowles said: “Both speakers were really well received.

“If each of our team gleaned just one thing from Danny and Paul then it makes for a better work environment all round.

“I for one definitely took away something from each speaker.”

Richard added: “Every member of my workforce showed such positive vibes by the end of the three days and I am now looking to make this an annual event.

“It was clearly money well spent and I’m hoping they will all return to work refreshed and ready to start again.”