WHEN your twin passions are Bob Dylan and Rugby League, the folk-rock legend's 80th birthday was too good an opportunity to miss to combine the two.

Here is the Bob Dylan's Dream XIII from the titles of his songs going back to the early 60s.

Any Dylanologists care to have a crack at Another Side for Bob Dylan?

1. Leopard-skin Pill (Harold) Box Hat (Featherstone/Wakefield and Wales).

2. Don’t Think Twice It’s All (Stuart) Wright (Wigan/Widnes/GB).

3. (Steve) Quinn The Eskimo (York/Featherstone).

4. (Jimmy) Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance (St Helens).

5. (Toa Kohe)- Love Minus Zero, No Limits (Hull/Bradford/Warrington/Widnes/Leigh).

6. Ballad of Hollis (Kevin) Brown (Wigan/Widnes/Warrington/Salford).

7. All (Sean) Long the Watchtower (Wigan/Widnes/Saints/Hull).

8. Positively 4th (Timmy) Street (Leigh).

9. Ballad of a Thin (Duane) Mann (Warrington).

10. Forever (Craig) Young (St George/Australia).

11. Hard (Keith) Rayne Gonna Fall (Wakefield/Leeds).

12. Mr Tambourine (George) Mann. (St Helens/Leeds/Wrrington).

13. Like a Rolling (Charlie) Stone (Featherstone/Hull).

Subs: Gates of (Greg) Eden (Castleford), Black (Steve) Diamond Bay (Wakefield/Fulham), Peggy (Sean) Day (Saints), Buckets of (Kevin) Rayne (Wakefield/Leeds).