STAR readers have praised Karen and Paul Ledsham after reading how after losing both their children they became foster parents - fulfilling one of their son's final wishes.

Karen and Paul Ledsham from Haydock, suffered the devastation of their son Harrison, 12, dying from bone cancer in 2015 and one-year-old Abigail from Sandhoffs Disease in 2008.


One shred of comfort came from a priceless comment made by Harrison a few months before he passed, when he said to his parents, “Mum and Dad - why don’t you foster or adopt?” a piece of thoughtful advice that a few years later Karen and Paul would make a reality.

Even during the darkest of days of Harrison’s cancer he uttered some touching words of advice to his Mum and Dad.

He said: “Why don’t you think about fostering or adoption?” This heart-felt idea from a loving son to his parents was something that Karen and Paul definitely took on-board as over the past four-years they have fostered three children in two separate placements.

They are currently fostering two young siblings (a brother and sister), who are both under the age of ten-years-old.


Karen said: “It is such a lovely feeling to think that we’ve been able to fulfil one of Harrison’s lasting ideas for us to become parents again. Fostering is so rewarding as it allows us to care for and look after young people using the adoration and emotions we are lucky to have etched in our hearts after our eternal love for Harrison and Abigail.

“A house just isn’t a home without the presence of children.”

After reading about their story, Star readers took to social media to praise the Ledsham's for their bravery.


Lisa Austin Smith said: "So Proud to know this amazing couple so much love they have for each other any child they care for will be blessed.

"Harrison and Abigail will be watching over you and be so proud"

Ruane Bernadette added: "OMG. What an incredible couple. I’m absolutely heartbroken reading their story. They are inspirational"


Christine O'mahoney said: "Wow I just cried reading this, someone told me 26 years ago it takes a very special person to look after special children.

"You both are amazing and am so glad your finding happiness in what you both do, your both amazing"

Julie Simpkin added "What a lovely couple been through so much heartache yet still willing to help children in need"