A TAXI driver has been tracked down by police after dashcam footage showed a van overtaking another car at speed in a village.

Police say they were made aware of an incident that happened on Main Street, Billinge last Thursday.

Dashcam footage was uploaded to a Facebook community page showing the "driver of a taxi Transit van travelling at speed and overtaking another vehicle on a pelican controlled area".

Over the weekend, police said the taxi driver was contacted and issued with a Traffic Offence Report.

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Such notices can be issued for a wide range of traffic offences. This can include driving without due care and attention, using a mobile phone whilst driving, obstruction, vehicle defects and no insurance.

Police in St Helens added that community support officers have spent the week conducting speed awareness at various locations.

Reacting to the news on social media, one person wrote: "Well done for reporting it and well done to StHP for acting upon information received!

"Hopefully Billinge will become safer."