THIS striking picture shows the Chalon Court Hotel from above back in the 1990s.

With the multi-storey car park across from the Hotties canal having been flattened in recent weeks, we thought it was an interesting time to take a look at the landscape of the area some three decades ago.

The route around the canal is noticeably cleaner and tidier than it is today, while the viewpoint also shows the impressive glass features of the hotel, which has had various guises since its creation.

Among the hotel's identities have been Chalon Court, Stakis, The Hilton and Park Inn.

The venue has endured some trying times over the past five years but recently underwent significant investment after coming under new ownership.

Regeneration leaders are aiming to develop the canal-side area following the car park's demolition, although the exact nature of the plans remain under consideration.

The top of the picture appears to show a section of the St Helens Linkway under construction, while the the supermarket, then known as Safeway, is to the right.

The World of Glass museum is yet to be put in place.

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