A ST Helens candidate for the Social Democratic Party (SDP) says he wants voters to “send a message” to the ruling Labour group at the council.

Glynn Jones, who is standing in the town centre ward, is the only candidate from the SDP standing in St Helens’ local elections next week.

He said he wants to offer voters the chance to “send a message” and accused the Labour Party of taking voters “for granted” in the town.

Glynn said: “The message I’m getting across is instead of being apathetic and staying at home and not voting, you have to send a message and vote for an alternative party.

“Vote SDP because, even with a reduced turnout Labour would still get in which wouldn’t send a message to them.”

He highlighted town centre regeneration and litter among issues he is standing on in the town centre ward.

“Other issues are the town centre has degenerated,” added Glynn.

“Obviously lockdown has exacerbated this. Labour think they have all the answers but they don’t go on the streets and speak to the people who live within a mile of the town hall. They won’t speak to people and ask them what their thoughts are.”

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The party formed in 1990 after the merger of the original SDP to form the Liberal Democrats, and has been under the leadership of William Clouston since 2018. It describes itself as a patriotic, economically left-leaning, and culturally traditional political party.

Glynn said the SDP membership is “growing”.

“There is me and a couple of volunteers, we don’t have the infrastructure of other parties,” he said.

“William Clouston started the revival and in the last two years it’s starting to make the first steps of getting the party back into the mainstream.

“We have more traditional Labour policies than the Labour Party, to nationalise energy and the railways. Family, community and nation, that says it all.

“Being proud of your nation is something that was seen in the left wing but in the last 10 years people have been embarrassed of being proud of your country. We’re not ashamed to be proud of those things and we don’t think anybody should.”