NEIGHBOURS who didn't really know each other before the first lockdown have transformed their shared entry from a run down area into a shared bright space for the community.

Residents living on Elephant Lane and Queensland Avenue in Thatto Heath have homes that back on to a shared entry.

Before March 2020, it was a home for bins and uninviting.

However, with lockdown keeping people indoors, what was an initially small group of neighbours from both streets decided to work together to clean up and transform the space.

Since then both streets' residents have become involved in the project.

The drab entry is now painted pastel colours, with benches and flowers enjoyed by all. It's become a hub for the residents, helping to tackle isolation, and also for children to play.

It's also brought them together as a community, raising funds via raffles to buy equipment and benches to further brighten the space.

St Helens Star: Before the residents transformed the entry

Before the residents transformed the entry 

One neighbour said: "It's really brought us together really, some neighbours lived here for 20 years or more and didn't know anyone else who lived nearby, now we all know each other and sit on the benches in the entry and chat, which has helped with loneliness in lockdown.

"We are now looking to raise money to transform a metal gate to a flowing garden planter with a bench underneath it dedicated to one of the neighbours who died from coronavirus.

"We just can't wait for restrictions to be lifted to we have have an entry party with tables down it with food for us and the kids and one of the residents will get a bouncy castle in their garden for them all to enjoy.

"It's a really big positive that wouldn't have happened if we hadn't have had the extra time given to us by the lockdowns, it's given us something positive to focus on and we just want to see it improve further.

"I'd recommend it to anyone, it made such a difference to our community, which we definitely are now."

To donate towards their future project in tribute to their neighbour to died of Covid-19, email