AS places started to reopen in St Helens and England as a whole I have to say I was worried at first that rules wouldn’t be met and we’d be back to square one.

However, I am really happy to see that this is not the case for the most part.

I have not felt quite brave enough myself to venture out yet, other than getting a much needed haircut, but I have seen on social media the changes venues new and old have made to make it as safe as possible for everyone.

I think a lot of people put our little town down, but when all this happened we came together, places delivered food to those in need and we listened to the rules by and large – only a few let us down.

I feel much more confident that things are being done safely that I’m looking forward to enjoying a little trip out to a nearby coffee shop to sit outside this Bank Holiday weekend.

Thanks to venues for putting information out there online to reassure people. It’s been a hard few months but you’ve done what you can for us. I hope people will come back and do what they can to support your businesses now they can finally reopen safely, even if it is just outside for now.

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