MANY of us headed to our favourite pub's beer gardens on Monday as coronavirus restrictions eased, but one happy punter got a little too excited - resulting in a viral video which has been viewed more than 205,000 times.

Charlie Richards, from Dentons Green, is known by people locally for making funny videos.

He even put one out himself pretending to cry when the pubs closed due to lockdown restrictions.

So it will come as no surprise to his friends that the 45-year-old has been caught on camera pouring a much-awaited pint over his head with glee while enjoying the sunshine in The Abbey's beer garden on Monday, April 12.

One friend caught the funny moment on camera - and that video has now been viewed across the world by more than 205,000 people.

Charlie, who is a sales director at Arcoframe, said: "I'm always messing around really but on Monday the sun was out and I got a few pints in because there was a queue at my local, which is The Abbey.

"My mate was just doing a video showing everyone there really enjoying the day and it went onto me, and well I got a bit excited and ended up rubbing the beer on my face before pouring it over my head for a few laughs.

"I didn't think too much of it really, but my mate posted it on Facebook and now it's gone everywhere.

"I have a mate who lives in New Zealand and he text me about it because someone in his office showed him the video and he recognised that it was me.

"Another mate is working in Dubai at the minute and he text me about it too, it's crazy."