LAST year, due to the pandemic, I decided to repopulate the local pond to make it much more attractive to visit.

So I went to the pet shop and since then I have bought and let go more than 20 bright colourful fish in Victoria Park pond.

I also released a good supply of sticklebacks I caught in the Hotties to help feed and breed them!

And they have bred now and the pond is now a great place to take the kids and feed the fish.

And the they have returned again in force as they can also feed on the sticklebacks. I’m not after any medal or recognition...I just want people to know so they can also help feed them as I have to move in September.

All the fish were put in with a mate and given names like... Ernie and Bert... Godzilla and King Kong... Spitfire and Hurricane...Stan and Ollie...

I didn’t name the sticklebacks as they are just there to help balance the food chain! But it’s now a great place for people to go and sit and feed the fish and the ducks for many years to come.

If you could just help me spread the word and let people know they’re in there.

When I first started the project I didn’t know there would be more lockdowns to come...but I’m glad I did it as there has been a lot more people visiting the pond than usual this last 12 months.

Dave Joyce, St Helens