A MAN has found a way to spread joy after taking it upon himself to revamp planters across St Helens, filling them with special plants to make people smile.

Stephen Mousdell, from Haydock, was determined something had to be done about the planters he saw on the way to Ravenhead Retail Park, as he drove past them to work each day.


After weeks of debating, Stephen, 28, decided to take on the challenge himself, and after the community caught on, he's gone from strength to strength - with plans to take over different areas of St Helens with the designs.

Stephen, who works at Tesco Express in Haydock, said: "I just wanted to do something to make people happy after a really difficult year and it just seemed a shame to drive or walk past all these planters with no or dead plants in them, and I thought it would be an easy way to bring a smile to people's faces.


"I decided to do it in memory of those we've all lost to Covid and for keyworkers, so with my own money I went to work and bought some flowers and sorted some of the planters and posted it on social media and from there it took off really.

"People got in touch suggesting which areas to do, asking if they could donate flowers, bulbs, plants and money to keep me going to do others.

"So far I've had £980 in donations, £780 of that is via Facebook and I've had businesses such as B&Q, Tesco and Garvey and Young get in touch to offer help.


"The reaction has been amazing, I did some the other day on Ravenhead Retail Park and I did it with a red V for St Helens, and made sure to put some violet flowers in there in memory of Violet-Grace Youens.

"I've had councillor David Baines get in touch and Becky Youens (Violet's mum) and they are really happy with what I've done, it just makes me emotional really.

"I didn't do it for praise but it's lovely to give something back and to know that it's made people smile at this crazy time."

To donate, go to https://www.facebook.com/donate/3915970158496765/3939548299417761/