AT least ten people have been turned away from the Covid-19 vaccination centre at Saints stadium this morning after an online booking form was "inappropriately shared on Whats App and social media groups".

A link to the St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals booking system was being widely circulated yesterday.

The message claims that NHS St Helens has a surplus of vaccines and is taking bookings via the link.

Health chiefs say this is false and that there are no spare vaccines available. Jabs are being prioritised for people in specific groups.

The hospital adds that when people turn up for appointments they need to show proof of eligibility.

Already ten people have been turned away this morning, a source told the Star.

It is feared if this continues it could cause significant disruption at the vaccination centre.

In a statement St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said: "We are aware that a link to book appointments at St Helens Rugby Stadium is currently being shared inappropriately via social media and WhatsApp groups.

"Anyone who has an appointment will be required to show proof of their eligibility and we will not hesitate to turn people away.

"Inappropriate appointments could lead to the most vulnerable people not being protected.


It is understood the link is meant for health and social care workers, NHS workers and care home staff.

It is unclear who has put it into the public domain.

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