WATCH as a pair of swans do a courtship dance making a heart shape with their necks after one is released.

Animal rescuer, inspector Helen Smith captured the touching moment as she released the swan which had crash landed in St Helens.

She was sent to a house in Rochester Gardens after a man had reported seeing a swan fly into his fence and landed on his lawn and appeared to be injured on Sunday, March 14.

Helen was able to safely capture the swan who appeared uninjured and the man told her there was a lake nearby.

So she took the swan in her van and pulled over close to the water’s edge to release him - but was quite surprised by what happened next.

She said: “As I pulled up in the van I saw another swan nearby and she seemed to be approaching me - then as I let the male free he started making some noise and puffing his chest out.

“The female swam towards him and they started a bit of a courtship dance on the water.

“They were looking into each other's eyes and even made a heart shape with their necks - it was so lovely to watch.

“It was clear this was his partner and they were obviously pleased to be reunited. Then I watched as they swam off happily together - it was really sweet.

“It was just sheer coincidence that I released him right where his partner was. I guess he was flying onto the lake when he misjudged his landing and that is why he clipped the fence and ended up in a nearby garden.

“It turned out to be a real flight of fancy and thanks to the RSPCA the lovebirds were reunited.”

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