LOCKDOWN couldn't stop more than 800 runners pounding the pavement this weekend to take part in the 11th annual St Helens 10k - the first to be held virtually.

The coronavirus pandemic meant organisers of the GPW Recruitment St Helens 10k had to switch from a traditional race to a "virtual one", with participants given the choice of running their own course on Saturday, March 6 or Sunday, March 7.

An app from TDL Event Services tracked the individual runner's progress and provided them with information about their time, which was sent back to organisers.

Organisers say many ran to beat their personal best or simply for complete enjoyment.

Selfies shared thanks to the run's app helped to bring the event to life and the virtual nature of this year meant it stretched far beyond the boundaries of St Helens.

Family and friends were able to support runners by tracking their progression via the app.


Paul Sculthorpe

Over the weekend, many were seen wearing the 2021 official St Helens 10k t-shirts, which highlighted the courage and inspiration from Captain Sir Tom Moore with his memorable quote, “Tomorrow will be a good day”.

The weekend has seen many great achievements and perhaps the greatest success has been the embracing of this years different format and the ambition of all athletes to make this a stand out event in 2021.

On behalf of St Helens 10k Organising Committee Martin Blondel said: "Thanks to the wonderful athletes who have got off their couch and inspired so many people to overcome adversity in the best possible way.

"It would have been the easy option for us to cancel, and for runners to defer but we are elated that 826 athletes decided to take part in a fully interactive run, that was exciting for everyone who participated.

"Yes we did miss the unique atmosphere of the Totally Wicked Stadium and the spectators cheering on along the course but it was a statement from all who took part that the pandemic will not stop our resolve.

"Thankfully through the phenomenal APP service from TDL Events we were able once again able to put on a 10k Run for the borough to be proud of.

"Once again, congratulations to everyone who took part and to the ones who made the final leaderboard."


Wagga Godwin

The winners are:


Greg Hale 35.24

Gareth Fletcher 36.41

Michael Brussels 37.06


Jasmine Trott 40.44

Kelly Hamilton 41.32

Kelly Pilling 42.34

Other notable runners were: Taylor Prescott 41.48, Wagga Godwin 46.38, Paul Sculthorpe 51.55, Martin Murray 56.49, Keith Senior 1.01.56 and Andrew Kilmurray St Helens Star Editor 54.14

More than 400 athletes have already booked their spot for the 2022 St Helens 10k after taking advantage of the Early Bird offer in less than 12 hours.

To sign up for the 2022 St Helens 10k which will take place on Sunday, March 6 2022, go to sthelens10k.com