HUNDREDS of runners have been hitting the streets this weekend for St Helens' Virtual 10k. 

The coronavirus pandemic means organisers of the GPW Recruitment St Helens 10k have had to switch from a traditional race to a "virtual one", with participants given the choice of running their own course on Saturday, March 6 or Sunday, March 7.

An app from TDL Event Services tracks the individual runner's progress and provides them with information about their time, which is sent back to organisers.

Friends and family can follow each other's progress using this app and compare the finish times displayed on the leaderboard.

So far more than 300 runners have completed their own course. Some have been taking on the arduous North Road hill, which is part of the run's normal route.

As of Saturday evening, PE teacher Gareth Fletcher, who is head of PE at De La Salle, had clocked the fastest time of 36 mins 41 seconds.

Paul Sculthorpe joined in this morning

Paul Sculthorpe joined in this morning

Saints' Paul Sculthorpe after completing 10K

However, with the running times being entered until 8pm on Sunday there is plenty of time left for others to make their mark.

Throughout Saturday plenty of people have been seen out running wearing the official 2021 St Helens 10K t-shirt, which features a quote from the inspirational Captain Sir Tom Moore, who passed away last month.

His famous quote: “Tomorrow will be a good day” is emblazoned on the t-shirt in a bid to motivate participants as they run the distance.

The late Steve Prescott founded the run in 2011 to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

His eldest son Taylor is among those to have already taken part this year.


Other supporters of the Steve Prescott Foundation, including former Saints captain Paul Sculthorpe and boxer Martin Murray – who ran with his wife Gemma – have also registered their times.