READER Martin Cox of Rainford has submitted two fascinating photographs of the St Helens ladies cricket teams that have recently come into his collection.

They are from 1921 and 1923 and he wonders if any Star readers might cast any light on them?

It will be interesting to see if any sons, daughters or grandchildren can provide any follow up tales about members of these teams.

Marin writes: "Women’s football had developed strongly during and just after the First World War but less is known about cricket. "Women’s cricket had been played during the Victorian and Edwardian periods but the Women’s Cricket Association was not formed until 1926.

"Women’s Clubs had been formed based on educational establishments and the workplace.

"At first sight these teams look like Cowley Girls Grammar School and perhaps they were representing the town?

"Fortunately, the teams are named and perhaps they may be recognised by readers?

"The one name in common across the two teams is Elizabeth Wishart so maybe these photographs originally belonged to her?

"It would be interesting if anyone knows more about these fascinating photographs."St Helens Star:

In the 1921 photograph the girls line up is: Elspeth Murray, Phyllis Goldney, Chrissie Russell, Elizabeth Wishart.

Middle: Biddy Stuart, Colleen M'Crea, Ada Edie (Capt), Edith Jackson, Davina Wilson.

Front: Dorothy Hay, Margaret Lockhart.

St Helens Star:

The 1923 line-up is (back row) Rae Turnbull, Ailie Morton, Mildred Garrard, Mavis Paterson.

Middle: Meta Simpson, Elizabeth Wishart, Espeth Rae (Captain), Isobel Lawson, Mary Anderson.

Front: Marcella Beard and Peggy Turner.