A SCHOOL has been chosen as one of the first 50 across the country to be renovated thanks to government funding.

The Department for Education (DfE) has announced 50 schools who will benefit from the School Rebuilding Programme.

The department has prioritised schools for the first 50 projects based on the condition of their buildings.

Among those chosen is Longton Lane Primary School in Rainhill, the only educational institution in the borough to be selected in the list.

The government says schools have been prioritised that are known to have Laingspan or Intergrid buildings, which are in the poorest condition as identified in data collected by the department.

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Longton Lane head teacher Linda Speed said: "We are delighted that Longton Lane Primary School is part of this programme.

"Whilst we know that people educate children, not buildings, it is vital that our pupils have an environment to be proud of and flourish within.

"We look forward to creating a modern environment that encompasses the values and ambitions we have for our school community."

Laingspan and Intergrid are two types of system buildings used to construct schools in the post-war period, which are reaching the end of their design life and have potential structural weaknesses that mean they should not be retained beyond that.

The DfE has prioritised these for replacement and included in the first 50 projects all identified school buildings of these types that are still in service.