THIS lovely picture from the Star’s archives that we featured a couple of weeks ago brought back memories for one family.

No sooner had the Star been published on Thursday, January 21 than the WhatsApp messages were being exchanged rapidly between a bunch of St Helens sisters.

That’s because the nostalgic image from 1988 featured their mum Peggy Piggott, who won the first St Helens Star SuperGran competition, alongside other finalists.

Marguerite Murphy, one of Peggy’s six daughters, contacted us to share memories of her mum and a picture of the winning sash.

St Helens Star: The SuperGran sash

Peggy's family still have the SuperGran sash

Marguerite wrote: “Our mum and dad, Robert and Margaret (known as Bob and Peg Pigott) were very special people.

“Sadly, we lost dad to cancer far too early in 1986 at the age of 70.

“Mum was still with us until she passed away in 2007 just before her 85th birthday, and she was full of life and fun right up to the end.

“Mum and Dad were well known and loved in the Sutton area, where we lived in Irwin Road (Six daughters in a two-bedroom house meant that there was never a dull moment!).

“We were usually known by friends and neighbours as the ‘Pigott Sisters’, and those who could recall our names would know us as: Helena (the eldest, who sadly is no longer with us), Marie, Ann, Julia, Marguerite and Louise.

“So I’m number 5…….. my daughter Leanne was the grandchild who wrote the SuperGran nomination letter when she was 7 years old.

“She will be 40 this summer and is now a consultant on the NHS frontline in Salford Royal Hospital, Manchester.

“Mum followed her progress as a junior doctor, and Leanne fondly remembers being given food and fig biscuits when she visited grandma’s and was asked all about how she was doing (mum thought of Leanne as her own personal doctor/health adviser!).

“It’s probably thanks to our mum that Leanne always believes in treating every elderly patient as if it was her own grandma or granddad.”

St Helens Star: The SuperGran Star cutting from 1988

The SuperGran Star cutting from 1988

Marguerite tells us that ex-nurse Peggy gave many years of voluntary service in the (old) St Helens Hospital League of Friends, and became one of the first members of the fundraising committee for the building of Willowbrook Hospice: “She and dad were also active members of the Parish of St Anne and Blessed Dominic in Sutton.

“They were the best parents and grandparents anyone could wish for, and we all have wonderful memories of our childhood - always loved and supported in whatever we did.

“Our own children, too (now ranging from the ages of 56 down to 32) have great memories of happy times spent with grandma and granddad either at Irwin Road, in our own homes or on extended family holidays and us sisters love hearing them share with each other their recollections and funny stories about Grandma Peg and Grandad Bob. What an amazing legacy they left behind!”

Marguerite adds that she recalls being there when Peggy was crowned the winner: “I was also present at the St Helens Show event with my young daughters when mum won!

“Thank you for putting that picture in the newspaper, prompting another opportunity for us ‘Pigott sisters’ to message, smile, reflect and chat with each other – just another reminder of how fortunate we are, an important factor in keeping our spirits up in these uncertain times.

“We are certainly looking forward to the day when we can all meet up again in person – the Pigott family get togethers are always a joyous and lively occasion, so the next one will be something to behold!”