THE RFL laws committee will meet next Wednesday to discuss the rules for the 2021 Super League, Championship and League 1.

Much focus will inevitably be centred on whether to continue with the changes introduced to Super League last summer – with the biggest debate on being whether to bring back scrums.

Scrums were temporarily removed on the restart, after listening to medical advice, in a bid to make it safer for those involved and reduce the risk of players contracting Covid-19.

The 'six again' rule was also introduced to replace a penalty for the majority of ruck infringements, rather than leading to a stoppage in play.

The move was to try and have quicker play-the-balls and fewer players involved in and around the tackle.

The committee will be able to review the impact of those changes based on how the game panned out between early August and November 27.

They will also have to take on board the latest health concerns and measures needed to limit its spread of the virus.

Nobody will want to be seeing the laws chopping and changing as the year progresses - and that could be a factor in determining any changes.

The committee will also inevitably have to look to see what merits are in the changes brought in by the NRL for the 2021 Telstra Premiership to make it “faster, more free-flowing, entertaining and unpredictable".

The most high-profile of those changes in Australia was the introduction of a two-point drop goal for kicks taken from more than 40 metres out.

Others see a six-again to be called for 10-metre infringements, injured players will be interchanged if a trainer ask for play to be stopped and a handover will be ordered when a player does not make a genuine attempt to play the ball correctly with their foot.