WHILST it may look tempting to go out and use sledges could you please draw your readers’ attention to the plight of the local farmers.

At this time of year they have crops growing which were sown in October and November ready for next year’s harvest.

This comes at a substantial cost running into thousands of pounds to sow the fields.

However this is being put in jeopardy due to inconsiderate people, adults as well as children, who consider it acceptable to walk across or use sledges on these fields just because they are covered in snow.

They don’t realise the irreversible damage they are doing caused by their actions in pursuit of fun.

This is happening all around the St Helens area where arable farming is carried out. Over the East Lancs Road in the Billinge area is a prime example.

Not only are they being frustrated by the walkers and sledges but considerable damage is also being caused by youths on motorbikes.

All they ask is that people show some consideration and respect by avoiding the fields that they know full well are usually growing crops and produce.

Paul, via email