SMALL acts of kindness have been all around us this year, as the community gives back to those most in need during the most difficult of times.

Another instance of that happened recently when a Rainford resident came across a small bunch of flowers and a note on a bench in the village.

On closer inspection he realised it was left to brighten someone's day.

Colin Grethe said: "This year has been challenging to a lot of people in so many ways, sometimes we seem to be surrounded by problems of lockdown, COVID-19, not being able to visit loved ones, people on their own, etc.

"But the other day I was going to the shops in Rainford village when I saw something on one of the benches and I thought maybe someone had left something behind.

"On closer inspection there was an envelope next to a small spray of flowers, the envelope read 'Hello stranger, open me'."

The message read: "Hello stranger, If you found these flowers then they are meant for you. Take them home and enjoy, and I hope this made you smile. Stay safe."

Colin added: "I took the flowers home to my mum, who is 95, and gave her the spray of flowers with the card.

"She was so taken aback and touched.

"It seems like just a small act of kindness, but it has had a huge positive impact on us. My mum loves the flowers and it’s really brightened her day.

"I just want to say thank you to the person who did this, it will be something I will treasure finding."

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