SAINTS coach Kristian Woolf has given an update on the fitness of semi-final casualties James Graham and Alex Walmsley.

Woolf said Walmsley, who had a limp on Friday and was taken off as a precaution, is fine and fit to play.

With regards to Graham, the veteran prop is so far progressing well through the full seven-day protocol.

This started with showing no carry over symptoms on day one to ticking off a different box each day until the final check off by the doctor on day seven.

"James Graham will be fine," Woolf said. "Obviously he's got a seven-day protocol to go through and has to tick boxes each day.

"The doc will have the final say but we're very sure he'll be right to play."

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For Wigan, Adrian Lam confirmed that Ben Flower is out with an injury sustained in the semi final.

They will welcome back Sam Powell, who missed the semi for personal reasons.