THERE will be no further disciplinary action taken against the Catalans players who were sin-binned for high tackles in the semi-final game against Saints.

James Maloney was given a yellow card for his 11th minute high shot on Regan Grace.

But the minutes of the match review panel state: "Open hand. Arm is at shoulder height. Player is stepped. Arm comes off ball first then into hits the head of the opponent.

"Sin bin sufficient."

Sin-bin was also deemed to be a sufficient punishment for Ben Garcia's late hit on Jonny Lomax in the 63rd minute.

The minutes note: "High reaching tackle. Hits arm/shoulder area first then grabs neck. Sin bin sufficient."

On field penalties were sufficient for Alex Walmsley's fifth minute challenge on Remy Casty and Kyle Amor's 'lazy grab' on the same player in the 76th minute.