A COUNCILLOR has led calls to put an end to overnight lorry parking near homes in Haydock, claiming roads are being used as public toilets and rubbish dumps.

Green councillor David van der Burg says a Traffic Regulation Order is needed urgently to prevent residential roads being used as makeshift lorry parks.

Photographs of rubbish in the area have recently been circulated by residents on social media.

St Helens Star:

Rubbish items have been left in the area, including Hall Wood Avenue and Haydock Lane.

Cllr van der Burg said the issue has emerged since the increase in warehouses in Haydock.

He said: "It’s a living hell for residents.

“Side roads have become rat runs, pavements are blocked night and day, and there’s rubbish everywhere – including bags of human faeces and bottles of urine. It has to stop. Urgently.”

St Helens Star:

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Paul Hooton, a Green Party member in Haydock, added: “I do appreciate some of the pressures drivers are under. The haulage industry has many casual and self-employed HGV drivers desperately trying to make a living.

"After delivery they may struggle to get access to basic facilities. This has resulted in a small minority of drivers fly tipping human waste and creating a health hazard for pedestrians and local residents alike.

“But our job though is to represent Haydock residents and enough is enough. It’s the end of the road for lorry parking around Haydock Lane.”

In a statement, Labour Councillor for Haydock Anthony Burns said he was committed to working with ward colleague Martin Bond and Cllr van der Burg to see the issue tackled.

He said: "This is absolutely disgusting behaviour by these individuals and needs to be stopped.

"Cllrs van der Burg, Bond and myself are working together on this with senior officers at the council and Merseyside Police to resolve this issue.

"We will be lobbying those businesses who use heavy goods vehicles in the area to do all they can to address the issue too."

St Helens Star:

Meanwhile, Cllr Andy Bowden, St Helens Council's cabinet member for environment and transport, said: “We are aware of an increase in HGVs parking up in the area and we, like residents are concerned about an increase in waste and litter, seemingly left by drivers.

“That is why we have set up a working group to fully investigate and act on the issue. The situation is complex though and installing parking restrictions in one location can simply transfer the problem to nearby streets and adversely affect businesses and others in the area.

“We do appreciate the good-will of residents and groups helping to clean up the area recently, but this should not fall to residents, and ultimately shouldn’t be happening at all.

"We are increasing our environmental wardens’ presence in the area in order to keep the area clean and safe.

“There is no evidence that the HGVs are associated with a particular company, but we will investigate and use every power available to us to resolve the situation for residents and businesses.”