MORE than a third of all education settings in St Helens have reported positive cases of coronavirus in the two weeks up to October 8, new figures have revealed.

Numerous schools have had to take action in recent weeks as a result of Covid-19, which has led to entire year groups and even full school closures.

Rainford High School reopened on Monday following a two-week closure, a decision taken after 40 people tested positive over a sustained period.

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New data released by St Helens Borough Council has given the clearest picture yet as to the true impact of the pandemic on the borough’s schools.

The figures show that out of 89 education settings in the borough, 35 reported either staff or students testing positive for Covid-19 in the two weeks up to Thursday, October 8.

Primaries accounted for the vast majority of settings, with 23 schools affected.

A total of seven high schools were affected during this period.

Carmel College was not included in the list released by the council, however, the sixth-form announced today that it will move to an online timetable in the run up to half-term following a string of cases.

Carmel said there are currently only 10 active confirmed cases among students.

However, more than 200 students are isolating as a result of either being a close contact of those cases or others in their family or community.

Out of the 35 education settings affected overall, 27 reported members of staff who had tested positive for Covid-19 in the two weeks up to October 8.

This includes custodial, administrative and teaching staff.

In the seven days up to October 8, a total of 16 education settings reported students who tested positive for the virus.

St Helens Star: Rainford High School reopened this week following a two-week closureRainford High School reopened this week following a two-week closure

Below is the full list of education settings affected. 

The staff figures are for the two-week period to October 8. The student figures are for the one-week period up to October 8.

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