A BAR owner has spoken of her dismay after new lockdown restrictions in St Helens led to the closure of her business.

Boris Johnson’s announcement led to businsses including pubs, bars and gyms across areas in the Liverpool City Region closing their doors on Wednesday, October 14.

Restaurants, or pubs that can operate as restaurants by serving substantial meals, have been permitted to remain open.

St Helens Star:

But this has caused some to question the evidence at the base of the decisions to close certain businesses and not others.

Hannah McLoughlin, is the owner of Cinema Bar on Duke Street, just one of dozens of venues in St Helens forced to close because of the new coronavirus restrictions that were announced this week.

She said: “We are absolutely gutted about the new restrictions because we adhered to the restrictions and in my opinion we’ve done even more than most other venues in town.

“So the fact that we can’t open is disheartening.

“I don’t personally see a difference in sitting and having a meal with someone and going to a place for a drink.

“If anything it’s going to make things worse as more people will congregate in venues as less will be open, meaning they can’t social distance as well.

“This will mean the end of some businesses but we are going to make sure we can keep our heads above water and keep staff paid the best we can and hopefully we will survive this really.

“I don’t agree with it, but it's about keeping communities safe and we’ll listen to the rules, stay closed and do the best we can.”