AS THE coronavirus restrictions tighten in the area, one personal trainer is making an effort to help people's mental wellbeing.

Samantha 'Sami Lou' Adamson has been sharing videos from her YouTube channel, which she hopes will be able to help others.

They include exercise videos to help them get active and also a 28-day diet for people to join in with.

Meanwhile, Sami Lou, who lives in Parr, has also shared a life story video of when she had been feeling down and how she enabled herself to feel better in a bid to help others.

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"Over the past couple of weeks I have started again and I have got a lot of feedback," said Sami Lou, 35.

"I always think people look at me as a 'happy go lucky' person and what people don't realise is that everyone struggles like they do.

"The amount of people who say 'thanks for sharing that video', I want to reach a wider scale of audience towards the mental health side of how exercise helps you with that."

St Helens Star:

The mum-of-two added: "People will need a pick-me-up and I want to help, that's my reward."

To view the videos, see Sami Lou's YouTube channel.