SAINTS boss Kristian Woolf talked Wakefield past and future when the Star’s Mike Critchley caught up with him.

MC: Were the players tough on themselves after Friday’s display?

KW: You don’t have to look into things too far to realise that if you are making nine errors in the first half and taking 16 minutes to complete a set – so on zero percent completion rate for the first quarter of the game.

The line breaks that we conceded were not up to our standard of the last seven or eight weeks.

They looked at that harshly and felt the same as I did.

St Helens Star:

MC: Has that game changed your selection this week?

KW: No, we have had a disjointed last couple of weeks but we have to make sure we handle that well. Now we need to get into a routine.

We have seven games to go, like most teams, but we are playing those over less a period of less than four weeks.

It is important that we get a routine where players are preparing to play every week or coming off performances where they are either really happy with a good performance or looking to learn at what they are not happy with. While we can, we need to make sure our best players are getting the opportunity to do that.

St Helens Star:

MC: Unlike this time last week, you actually know who Wakefield have in their squad?

KW: It does it make it more difficult when you have no idea who you may or may not be playing against and that was the case last week.

We could almost feel at captain’s run last week where we were having those discussions with the players and we are actually saying that we don’t know who is going to run out for the opposition and you feel a little bit of the intensity just starts to drop out and it does become difficult for the players and the coaching staff.

That is not the case this week, we know exactly who we are playing and what type of contest they are going to bring.

MC: It was unusual to have a non-playing sub last week with Jack Welsby?

KW: Jack was picked as a utility and can play anywhere. We factored in that if nothing else came up he could play a little bit in the middle.

We only made two interchanges in the first half because Louie was going extremely well and did not need to be rested and had just scored a good try that put us back into the game so didn’t see the need to take him off in the first half.

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Then at the back end of the game I knew that we needed guys like Alex Walmsley, James Roby and Morgan Knowles in the middle.

St Helens Star:

I give Jack a massive wrap there, he hasn’t dropped his lip one bit and has been really frsh and involved in training this week.

He will get a run this week, for sure. He impresses me as a kid, and showing what he is capable of as footy player, what he has produced every week and the way he has handled tough situations.

St Helens Star:

MC: Are you pleased with what Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook is still bringing at 34?

KW: He has a bit of age on him, but he’s still got a young body and if you watch how he plays, moves, the speed he can still run at and the energy he brings then he is still a young player in that sense.

Although he has been around the game a long time, he still knows how to make the game fun but also knows how to turn up and play every week.

MC: Is it important to have variety with your middles?

KW: Yes, you can’t have your middles of all the same type – you need them to be different and Louie certainly bring that.