A PLANNING application has been approved for the development of a special school on the site of the bulldozed Green and Dragon pub.

Proposals were drawn up and issued to St Helens Borough Council's planning department seeking permission to create the school at the site.

A property solutions company submitted the plans, on behalf of Bright Futures Care Ltd, to the local authority for the former pub land on Gartons Lane, Sutton Manor.

A design and access statement drawn up by DV Architects, on behalf of the applicant, stated: "This scheme seeks to utilise this site as a new, purpose-built Special Educational Needs (SEN) School.

"The proposed school would meet increasing local demand for SEN schools and would offer quality education for up to 30 students across six classrooms, associated communal spaces and outdoor amenity spaces."

The document adds the proposed school would be a smaller building than the former pub was.

It stated: "A two-storey mass remains in-keeping with many of the surrounding buildings and ensures that no existing property is overpowered or negatively impacted by the development.

"The proposed mass is significantly smaller than the mass of the former Dragon Inn public house and presents an assured yet less dominant form on the corner of Jubits Lane and Gartons Lane.

"The scale, proportions and architectural style of the proposed school building has been designed to be sensitive towards the surrounding existing buildings and to enhance the character of the local area following years of dilapidation on the site."

The site was also home to a William Hill bookmakers. Both buildings were demolished last year.

The former Green Dragon Hotel pub building was left as a burnt-out shell after being ravaged by a fire treated as a "suspected arson" in April 2019.

The plans added: "This location creates the ideal balance for the school location, allowing for ease of access for pupils and staff within the local area while also providing a calm, quiet and semi-rural environment which meets the complex needs of the students."

The proposal for the construction of a special educational needs school, along with associated access, parking, landscaping and other associated works were granted permission by St Helens Borough Council subject to a series of conditions.

These include that the works begin within the next three years .

The building shall not be used outside of the following hours

7am to 9pm Monday to Friday.

9am to 4pm on Saturdays.

Closed on Sundays.