SAINTS coach Kristian Woolf expressed his disappointment that the fans will not be returning to Super League in the coming month as had been planned.

The club had been scheduled to be part of the spectators pilot next week against Wigan, but that has been scuppered by the rising rate of Covid infections both locally and nationally.

This meant that further restrictions coming in has meant supporters being allowed to return has been indefinitely put on hold.

So instead of playing in front of a 1,000 strong crowd, Saints will now play behind closed doors on Tuesday and throughout October.

Woolf said: "It is disappointing about the fans and crowds. We need them back to make sure our game can thrive.

"But we are jumping through a lot of hoops to make sure that happens in the future.

"The players deserve a wrap for the commitment they are showing and the sacrifices they are making.

"The players are not putting themselves at risk because it puts the team and the competition at risk.

"There are, however, going to be circumstances, particularly with the kids back at school, where no matter what you do someone is going to become exposed.

"The players are making enormous sacrifices to their everyday lives to make sure they are not putting things at risk and that is the same across all clubs.

"It is not normal life, but we all want to play games and see the competition finish and make sure rugby league thrives."