TODAY marks 20 years since the most iconic and memorable moment in Super League - Chris Joynt's Wide to West try against Bradford.

To recap, defending champions Saints had entered the 2000 top five play-offs in second spot, three points behind leaders Wigan and a similar margin ahead of Bradford.

Those three sides were head and shoulders above the remainder of the competition that season.

In the opening play-off match Saints trailed Bradford 11-10 when Paul Sculthorpe regained his feet to play the ball inside his own half with a second on the clock.

The Bulls fans in the Edington End counted down and cheered when the hooter sounded, some of them oblivious to the bewildering passage of play unfolding before their eyes with Long, Iro, Sean Hoppe, Steve Hall and Tim Jonkers working the ball 'Wide to Dwayne West' who shrugged off two tacklers before sending skipper Chris Joynt storming over for the winner.

Long celebrated by dancing around with St Bernard's head on while Bulls boss Matthew Elliot slid off his seat like a sick blancmange.


Buoyed by that, Saints bounced into the semi-final where they obliterated Wigan 54-16, with Sullivan's length of the fielder putting the icing on the cake.

Wigan had a second bite, beating Bulls to reach the final, and another Old Trafford classic was in store.

It was a day of departures, with Saints saying goodbye to Freddie Tuilagi, Julian O'Neill and Apollo Perelini with Wigan, and league, saying farewell to Jason Robinson.

Saints started brightly and stormed to 17-4 lead with Harry Sunderland winner Joynt scoring a brace of tries, but Wigan came back.

Hearts were in mouths as the score was narrowed to 17-16, but then Martyn provided the killer pass for Tuilagi to sign off with the winner before youngster Jonkers' try wrapped it up emphatically at 29-16.

Saints had enjoyed another rollercoaster year but had secured back-to-back Grand Final wins.