A FUNDRAISING page has been launched to help a family left devastated after their home was ravaged by a fire.

Matthew Kennedy, 19, was in bed at his home in Parr, where he lives with older brother Nick and mum Shirley, during the early hours of Saturday, September 12.

At around 2am a fire started in his room due to a battery in a head torch, which Matthew uses for work in his job as a track man for the railway, exploding in a bedside drawer.

Matthew managed to get everyone out of the terraced house safely, including his disabled brother Nick, who is in a wheelchair, and also neighbours.

Unfortunately, all property, including clothes and electronics were destroyed in the blaze.

St Helens Star:

A damaged bedroom

The house sustained huge damage with ceilings destroyed along with the floor, windows, electrics, plumbing and gutters.

Now Matthew's girlfriend Mollie Dixon has launched a fundraising page to help the family with the cost of repairs up to around £50,000.

"The battery on his head torch has exploded, he woke up during the night and tried to put it out and then had to get everyone out of the house," said Mollie, 18.

"He has lost everything as you can imagine, his clothes, his PlayStation, everything that means something to him, he lost his bank card and ID."

The house has been almost completely damaged with a ceiling having gone through, the gutters melted off and most rooms damaged.

"It is their own home and they didn't have insurance.

"Myself and a neighbour were on about doing the fundraising page and I set one up, just for going towards the repairs.

"It is between £30,00 and £50,000 to repair the whole house and we are trying to raise as much money as we can to try and repair the house."

St Helens Star:

Damage to the bathroom

Mollie added: "They have gone through the trauma of losing everything and they do not realise how lucky they are to have been able to get out of there.

"He is now living in my home away from his mum and his brother to save them paying £250 a week to live in an emergency accommodation, as he works.

"Matthew, Shirley and Nick are such loving welcoming people who give and never take. They deserve to be in a safe home together as the close family they are.

"The money that is raised will go toward the repairs for the house as it has destroyed a lot of it. They and I would be so grateful for any help anyone is willing to give."

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The page was launched on Thursday and has already started to receive donations.

St Helens Star:

The dining room

"His mum doesn't want to move out, she has been there a long time," said Mollie.

"It's going to be really hard for them to get back on their feet. The response has been quite good so far, a friend gave me £100 and it is on over £500 from overnight. Obviously anything helps."

  • Donate to the fundraising page here .