THE devastated partner of a mum-of-four who suddenly died of a bleed on the brain - six months after her 16-year-old son died of a suspected allergic reaction - has paid tribute to her.

Kim Clarke, from Prescot, was the proud mum to Nick, Joseph, Tiffany and Cheryl.

Tragedy hit struck the family on March 11, 2020, when her son, Prescot School student Nick Kelly, suddenly fell ill after buying doner meat in a tomato sauce at the takeaway in Prescot where he regularly ate.

He immediately felt the symptoms and struggled to breathe, but despite running home and his family trying to help him before medical attention arrived, Nick died aged 16.

Now just over six months later, his grieving mum Kim, 36, has suddenly died from a bleed on the brain.

Her partner of 18 years, dad-of-four Chris Kelly, said: "Kim passed away at 12.10am on Sunday, September 13 in Walton Hospital after she was rushed in with a bleed on the brain.

"She started complaining of a headache on Saturday [September 5] and took paracetamol and was in a bad way.

"On Tuesday I told her I'd take her to the doctors but she said she was feeling a lot better.

St Helens Star:

Her son Nick died just six months ago, aged 16

"I went to the doctors for her and they advised that I take her straight to A&E but again she said she was fine, despite me telling her to go.

"On Thursday night she kept nodding off, more than she usually did, and I'd had to help her down the stairs, and she said 'Chris I think I'm dying'

"So I immediately called for an ambulance and she had a seizure on the way to the hospital.

"They did an MRI where they learned she had had a bleed on the brain.

"She had more seizures, so they transferred her to the neurology department in Walton but by then they said the bleed had severed the nerves at the back of her head and they put her into a coma on the Saturday.

"She was put into a coma and I had to turn her life support machine off on Sunday morning.

"The doctor later came in and told me the tests they did found that Kim had leukaemia, we didn't know.

"Even if she had survived the bleed on the brain, the leukaemia they found was aggressive.

"When we lost Nick I fell into a deep depression, and Kim had to be there for me and the other kids.

"Now I have to be strong and be there for Joseph, Tiffany and Cheryl, because they've now lost their mum.

"My youngest hasn't even reacted yet, it's just too much.

"I just feel empty and devastated.

"I've only just paid off the cost of Nick's headstone, to lose two people so important to our family so close is just horrible.

"Kim and me had been together 18 years, we were saving up to eventually get married, we hoped to do it next year.

"The least I can do is give her a send off she deserves."

Paying tribute to Kim on Facebook, Chris added: "Can't believe how empty the house feels without you here Kimberley Jayne, miss you shouting down to me to make a brew for you.

"We are missing you more than words can say. It hurts my throat when I cry myself to sleep at night my heart feels so heavy and so empty, you where taken away from us way way to soon just like Nick was, god has taken another Angel away from us."

Family friends have set up a fundraising page to raise money towards the cost of Kim's funeral.

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