CAPTAIN Tom Moore captured the heart of the nation during lockdown.

Captain Tom is a former British Army officer and centenarian, known for his achievements raising £32 million for the NHS in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So when Rainhill decided to host their annual scarecrow, one resident Jill Cooke, 52, knew that she had to pay tribute to the 'nation's hero'.

Jill and her husband made the scarecrow extra special by buying an industrial turn table and making the scarecrow do a walk around the garden, just like Captain Tom.

Hundreds of people came to view the scarecrow festival over the weekend, with Captain Tom being a particular highlight.

Jill said: "We were just so inspired by Captain Tom's actions during lockdown that we wanted to pay tribute to him, and though he would be well recognised as he's the nation's hero'.

"Then we got the idea to have him walking around the garden, just like Tom did and we went online and bought an industrial turn table to make it happen and added a little garden on the side to even the weight out.

"We even had his single with Michael Ball playing in the background.

"We are really proud of it, so now the weekend is over we decided to offer it to the public, to see if anyone wanted to buy scarecrow Tom for a donation to the NHS.

"However Whiston and St Helens hospital charity got in touch saying they love it, so we've decided to gift it to them."