AN OFF-ROAD motorcyclist ditched his vehicle after it ended up in a muddy pool of water as he tried to flee police.

Officers patrolling the area around Cherry Tree Farm in Whiston on Sunday have seized the "nuisance motorbike" after responding to complaints of ant-social behaviour.

In a statement police said: "Shortly after 7pm officers patrolling the area on quad bikes dispersed a group of youths who made off. However the rider of the bike came back to find the group had scattered in different directions.

"The rider attempted to make off on the bike but only into a pool of muddy water. The illegally ridden motorbike was abandoned by the rider who left the scene."

Officers were targeting riders as part of Operation Brookdale, which aims to tackle the problems caused to communities by nuisance bikers.

A police spokesman said: "Colleagues from the stolen vehicle squad will now examine the bike to verify its identity.

"Officers will continue to patrol the area following reports around anti-social behaviour and damage."