AN AMAZON Prime series which stars a St Helens schoolgirl as one of its central characters has been released.

Kizzie Kay Mather, from Clock Face, is one of the central stars of the Luna Squad, which has been released on Amazon Prime.

Further episodes are to be released this month and the show has also been released in America and will also be shown in Germany and Asia.

It’s been very well received with a 9.1 IMDB rating.

St Helens Star:

Kizzie did the last weekend of filming for the show's first series a few weeks ago.

Kizzie's character in the show has even been given the same name and is character is described as "the cute and bubbly personality with a feisty roar when it's needed.

"Super sporty and full of backflips, always up for adventures with the squad and never backs down in the face of danger".

St Theresa's pupil Kizzie, 11, enjoys performing and takes part in dance, cheerleading, tumbles, acting and modelling.

St Helens Star:

Described by mum Leanne as "born to be a performer" and who has "always been a happy and confident little girl", Kizzie started gymnastics at the age of four.

She then wanted to take skills into cheerleading and became a flyer for the Sutton Tornados cheer squad.

Kizzie is a student at Watch This Space Dance Company and has already danced in many theatres including London's West End and Disneyland Paris.

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Since she signed for an agency in January, Kizzie has also been working for the BBC appearing in The Worst Witch, The 4 O'clock Club and The a Word.

When Kizzie came across an advertisement for castings for The Luna Squad coming out in 2020, she saw it as the perfect opportunity.

St Helens Star:

Mum Leanne says when Kizzie read the briefing, she knew she wanted to apply straight away as the character was so similar to herself and the show was just the sort of thing she loves to watch.

After being shortlisted among the final 10 out of 5,000 applicants, Kizzie won the part following auditions in London in October.

A teaser for The Luna Squad says: "A young school girl (14) and budding explorer (Ashley) finds a mysterious map inside an old comic following a breaking news story, reporting a UFO sighting. Persuading her friends to join her, they go on a hunt to find the crash site, this leading to them going back in time and having an adventure of a lifetime".

The Luna Squad are: Jack, Cub, Nick, Ashley, Kara, Kizzie, Max and Scarlett.

St Helens Star:

Director Leon Mitchell said: “We are incredibly excited about this show, it captures the imagination and has a magical feel to it, the possibilities are endless."