THE former head of CID in Merseyside Police has had his second crime novel published, with all money from the sales going to Prostate Cancer UK.

Steve Naylor, whose sister is councillor Sue Murphy, was with Merseyside Police for 30 years.

In that time he worked on many cases in St Helens and saw first hand what crimes took place in the city region.

Now retired, Steve, 57, is using his knowledge to write a crime series based in Liverpool showing how three childhood friends can have very different lives, in the police, army and a life of crime, and how their lives intertwine...often to disastrous effect.

However rather than pocket any profit himself, Steve, who is a prostate cancer survivor, is donating all the proceeds to leading charity Prostate Cancer UK.

He said: "I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2016 and was working up until then. I underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy and decided after getting over that to write my first book.

"I published Phoenix Rising: Footsteps in Life and now I've written the follow on Phoenix Rising: Picking up the pieces, with the royalties from the sales of these going to a charity that not only supports people with prostate cancer, but also their families.

"I was a senior investigator and eventually the head of CID, so all the procedural criminal system is correct within the books and I believe my experience adds to the books and gives them a realistic touch.

"It's very gritty but I hope people will enjoy it."