SAINTS wing Regan Grace has not forgotten his roots and where he came from.

This week he took to social media support an appeal by the Community Union to protect the livelihoods of those who work in steelworks in his home town in south Wales.

There has been speculation all year, magnified by the effects of the pandemic, that jobs could be at risk at Tata Steel in Port Talbot which employs around 4,000 workers.


That probably represents half of the town’s workforce – so Grace knows only too well how important it is for the town.

The steel industry was already struggling before the pandemic struck, but demand has nosedived since the lockdown.

During the early summer there was considerable speculation that Tata have been seeking financial backing from government backing to take a stake in the business to safeguard its future.

This week Grace sent a short message on a video sent out by the Community Union.

He said: “The biggest individual honour in British rugby league is to be named Man of Steel.

“Great Britain is built on steel – our roads, our factories and even our stadiums.

“Port Talbot is my home town and its steelworks is the heart of the Welsh economy.

“It employs thousands of people, many of whom are my friends. Its loss would be devastating.

“The Community Union asked me to support this campaign and I was delighted to do so.

“Britain needs a steel industry, please give your support.”