1. Top of the league - and what a difference in performances since the Super League restart.

Free-scoring Saints' points spree and stingy defence has built up a mammoth plus points difference to put them at the summit ahead of Wigan and Warrington.

After being scratchy at the start of the campaign, going into lockdown on the back of two dismal defeats with some fans even questioning new coach Kristian Woolf's tactics, five wins in a row tell their own story.

St Helens Star:

We can all have a theory.

There is no doubt the new rules, no scrums and six-again, are suiting Saints' style when the the relentless onslaught of the big men creates real momentum to play hard and fast off the back of.

Or is it personnel? After all Saints were denied the influential Lachlan Coote for a good chunk of those early games. Obviously, they have had injury concerns since the restart, but have overcome those.

St Helens Star:

Or maybe it is just a mental and physical recovery from rugby fatigue. This crop of players had played plenty of back-to-back rugby if you throw in the internationals. Two long seasons, with cup runs thrown in, followed by a focus on the Sydney Roosters World Club clash probably contributed to a February and March hangover.

Those four months off have proven a godsend in terms of refreshing them and equipping them for a title tilt.

2. Saints had even more disruption ahead of Friday's game, with Theo Fages injured meaning Lewis Dodd was lined up for an eagerly awaited debut.

Alas, on the eve of the game he was notified that he had been in contact with someone who had tested positive for Covid and was therefore plunged into a 14-day self isolation.

It was a shame for the lad, but the 18-year-old will get his chance at donning that number seven shirt - he just has to bide his time.

St Helens Star:

3. Instead it was Jonny Lomax rolling back the years on his 30th birthday - taking a real lead as the string pulling scrum half, a role he performed during the 2011-12 seasons before Nathan Brown moved him to full back.

It is easy to forget the terrible adversity Lomax faced, injury wise in the early part of his career - but he has been consistently top-drawer for the past five seasons - with a further postional change coming off in the midst of it.

Brave playing at the line and regularly throwing real pearlers of passes to yield tries.

Although he doesn't crave individual limelight, maybe Lomax doesn't really get the name up in lights as much as he deserves.

St Helens Star:

4. Lomax's half back partner on Friday was the versatile Jack Welsby.

And despite picking up a bit of a heavy tackle early doors, Welsby grew into the game - putting in a decent kick to earn a drop out, was alert, ran strongly and added something to the defence.

Since he poked his head into the first team Welsby has played full back, centre and wing - and that shows his versatility.

It has also shown the importance of getting young talented players game time, even if out of position. That happened with Lomax and James Roby in the early part of their careers.

But six is Welsby's natural position - even if he'd probably not been expecting to play there this week.

St Helens Star:

5. Once again Headingley proved a happy hunting ground for Regan Grace - two more tries to add to the treble on his last visit. The first was pure pick and pace (off the back of some great defence by Jonny Lomax). But how good was that change of direction when zipping in for the second.

Real box office stuff from the Welsh flier.

St Helens Star:

6. It was another troubled week, Covid-wise, and this is what we are going to get.

Every new day is treated with trepidation to see which results have come back positive and what sort of spanner that will throw into a delicately poised season.

We can worry, fret and speculate on the likelihood of finishing - but we just have to keep chipping away at the weekly programme and see what happens.

But you do wonder if the whole thing gets derailed again at some point, especially if particular clubs fall so far behind on fixtures, whether there should be a plan B to decide the competition or play off places on percentages or some other mathematical formula.

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