SAINTS wing Tommy Makinson will have a point to prove at the end of a five-match ban meted out for his grab on Liam Watts.

That is coach Kristian Woolf’s view, explaining that the club have added no further punishments to the one handed out by the disciplinary tribunal last week.

Saints will sorely miss Makinson’s finishing prowess, but more importantly his returns and set-starting runs which are key to getting the team on the front foot.

Woolf said Makinson’s good history in a 10-year career had to be factored in.

He said: “We can only say that this has not something he has gone in pre-meditated, he has not thought about doing and is not part of his game.

“It is important to remember that he hasn’t hurt anyone or put anyone in a dangerous situation and those things do occur in the game, and have occurred in the game in the last few weeks.

“The punishment he has received for something I consider silly is more than enough.”

Woolf said a disappointed Makinson has already responded in training - and expects more from the Golden Boot.

“He knows that he has let himself down and the team in not being available for five weeks.

“Tommy has bounced out of that disappointment.

“He is throwing himself into his training and will continue to do that in the next five weeks. He will come back even better with a real point to prove when he does,” he said.