ANGER has been expressed after reports of youths trying to damage a community defibrillator.

It is believed a number of youths had attempted to damage the lifesaving equipment outside Bargain Booze shop on Hamilton Road, Garswood.

The incident took place on the evening of Saturday, August 8.

It is understood the damage caused to the defibrillator was "minimal" and that the equipment is still functioning.

Billinge and Seneley Green ward councillor Sue Murphy said she had received reports of the youths attempting to inflict the damage on the evening of Saturday, August 8.

On the Garswoodians Facebook page, Cllr Murphy said: "It has been reported that this evening (August 8) a number of youths tried to damage the defibrillator situated outside Bargain Booze.

"It is vital this equipment is working in case it’s needed. This machine could save a life."

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Cllr Murphy added: "It seems the damage is very minimal and it has not affected the use of the machine.

"The machine has been checked and is in full working order now

"Vandalism such as this is extremely unusual in our ward, the vast majority of our young people respect the area."

Residents on social media expressed their anger at the incident.

One said: "Disgusting what is wrong with those kids to damage such an importing thing".

Another added: "Senseless behaviour. We had no where and nothing to do as kids, but we didn't resort to mindless destruction."

One resident wrote: "Whoever the kids are who have done this their parents need to make them aware of how important this piece of equipment is".